Busy Week Packed With #SameHere Events

3 events, the last 3 days, 3 very different audiences, 3 amazing groups. 1 more upcoming, tomorrow.


We started off in Savannah, GA at Savannah State w all of their athletes on Sunday night. Bottom right (sorry you can only squeeze in a portion of the group w these smaller pics).


Their AD picked me up, couldn’t have been a more humble guy. Brooklyn roots, worked his way up the hard way, wants to give his athletes the knowledge that everyone in their entire program is gonna face challenges, & that’s OK, & the coaches need to be able to address those challenges productively. Shannon Sharpe is an alum from that prestigious university.


Flew back & had an event the next night w PARENTS from the Floral Park-Bellerose School District just by Queens (top left). First session we’ve ever done for parents, exclusively, coordinated by their MH professionals at the district.


We shared the renderings of the #SameHere Scale App, & got some great feedback, as the parents seem to be psyched about using it w their kids, to open up convo, just as much as the schools.


Then yesterday, we were at Manhasset Public a Schools in LI (top right) w their HS students, & my bud @djskribble came to share his own personal experiences. Special shout out the women’s basketball team for the warm welcome at the beginning (seated pic). Their superintendent was there to make the intro, & show how important this topic is to HIM. Top down, just like w the Predators president, that’s how you make an impact.


Trying to process all the Kobe stuff & not use these events as an escape. Chamique Holdsclaw was in town & we went w some friends, bc Mique was staying at Bryant Park Hotel, to pay some respects at the subway station that fans have used to honor him.


Off to the Severn School in Maryland, w the @severn.umbrella.club tonight into tomorrow. On #BellsLetsTalk day, let’s keep showing ppl WHAT we should be talking about. “Talk” campaigns, alone, aren’t enough. It’s that we ALL face challenges affecting our MH #SameHere & #5in5…all diff groups. Only way we come together & everyone can open up.

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