NBA Champion Bruce Bowen

Just got finished with our panel which included a top Neuro Doc, Steve Robbins, the head of Jewel’s Foundation, and Bruce Bowen from the NBA. It felt like more of a discussion amongst a group of friends than a formal panel…and I want to share why:


Bruce was the first to answer a question and he started off by saying: “Due to drugs and alcohol, I never had a solid relationship with my mom. And that’s always hurt me, left a void, and has been something I’ve had to work on.”


Think about how THAT level of vulnerability is relate-able, breaks down walls, and connects us! He didn’t have to use a disorder name or a diagnosis at all for the whole hour. He explained something that’s a common part of the human condition – strained relationships. And we all could relate in SOME way about SOME relationship where we have felt a void. Symptoms and Solutions will get us where we need to – not simply Disorders and Diagnosis.

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