The Power Of Breathing and Meditation Practices

Last night I spent some time at Freeport High School in LI, participating in their satellite “America Meditates” event. These pic here are w the great organizers.


I say satellite bc, simultaneously, in Denver, America Meditates was conducting the largest meditation session in one spot on US soil.


The man leading the meditation, is a member of our STARR practitioner alliance, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, from India. In some circles, he is looked at as a spiritual leader, worshipped by literally hundreds of millions of people. Here in the US, unfortunately, not so much.


But the reason why, is that here in the US, & North America generally, the masses hear the terms Eastern, Functional, Holistic, or Alternative, & turn away, & believe it’s snake oil. This is slowly changing, but not fast enough.


I’ve shared w you all that when I first started my own healing journey, after many failed drug, TMS, & ECT treatments, that I showed up to a rec center – the only man, the only one under 40, the only one born in this country. It was me, an instructor, 8 women from India, & 10 yoga mats – to learn a breathing practice.


That breathing practice, was one that was developed by Sri Sri mentioned above. It took me taking a leap of faith…but I did & it saved my life…& it’s why I support him, this initiative America Meditates, & helping ppl learn how to heal & live their healthiest lives.


I do think there’s a long way to go w messages like this. I think North Americans want to know the science behind why these practices work. They want to see it being used in more “mainstream ways.” They want to see their favorite celebs & athletes & neighbors trying it & embracing it as well.


There IS a long way to go. But the good news is, these STARR types of practices work. They stabilize the CNS, help us better deal w stress, give us better rest & sleep, & the list goes on.


Consider trying them…they are life changers & I’m happy I got to go last night to advocate for them.








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