The Big Pharma Fallacy

When I write things like this, “miraculously” it’s fed to half the ppl a normal post is. So even if this gets 1/2 the eyeballs, I’m hoping it helps the ppl who do receive it.
There is nothing wrong w taking meds if they help u…especially as symptom management tools. I do! I take a small dose of lexapro.  It’s another thing to support a big pharma message that drugs are cures. Achieving your best MH comes from an integrative approach, which may include meds…but NOT a magic pill alone.
Not pill shaming in the least. I think it’s great the relief some get from their meds.
But gray clouds do NOT become blue skies as the “cartoon commercials” would have you think, just because you pop a pill or three. 2.5 years of my own life were wasted believing that – bc of the message they put out there, and bc of what psychopharmacologists told me.
If I end up in a ditch for saying this, so be it…but we can’t keep allowing this msg to be perpetuated…it’s a big reason why we continue to lose people in record numbers.

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