The BIG3’s Mental Health Policy

Very proud to support the work of BIG3 Co-Founder, Jeff Kwatinetz & the entire League in their efforts to put out a comprehensive mental health initiative that makes a bold statement.


Once you read all 7 Articles of their platform, you’ll see that they go beyond talking about their players, alone, but instead discuss how this is a topic that affects #5in5 – including fans, corporate partners, coaches, front office personnel; everyone. It truly engenders the #SameHere🤙 reality.


Proud to have the head of our Practitioner Alliance, Dr. Jen Hartstein, be the lead doctor endorsing this initiative.


Big props to all involved including Royce White & Brian Scalabrine from the #SameHere Celebrity Alliance.


Since I’ve known Royce, he’s used the term #Lead many times – on shirts, hats, videos, you name it.  Maybe as often as I use #SameHere 😂. But through this measure, Royce has done just that. He has taken a program to a league that impacts many, & worked WITH them, to bring about positive change – not just for the players, but for all those they interact with & impact.

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