Ben Gordon’s Revealing Story

At some point, instead of thinking of these cases as “those players effected,” we as a society will realize they were just among the first ones brave enough to share. This is not “them” topic, it’s an “us” one. We don’t all sink to the same level, but we all face similar challenges. How do we know?

If you haven’t read the Ben Gordon article in @playerstribune, my recommendation would be, carve out 10 min to do so. In it he shares a level of vulnerability I’m not sure we’ve seen the likes of from a public figure.

Ben’s story comes off the heels of @haydenrhurst’s vulnerable share earlier this week. What is amazing about both of these stories – is the level of detail, what was going on in their heads, past life experiences, the symptoms, the specific thoughts, even some of the actions taken because of the strong thoughts.

If the walls on this topic are going to be completely broken down, it’s gonna take stories like Hayden’s & Ben’s to make it happen. What they shared with us goes way beyond a diagnosis (something when shared, in a vacuum, only perpetuates the idea of there being a group of “sick” ppl & then a group where everyone else is “healthy”). Instead, their articles allow MANY more to read & find some form of commonality. We relate to what we experiences & feelings we share, not bucketed labels.

For me, I am shocked that Ben “went there” w his thoughts about creation, the universe, the concept of time – all things that have eaten away at me from the time I was a little child. Watching my brother face those challenges – yes they impacted me – but his mortality also made me obsessively think abt topics that scared the shit out of me, that I had no answer to – things that religion tries to comfort us about, but that science finds hard to explain. That Ben shared that – his inner most fears & thoughts – made me, someone who talks abt this stuff w ppl, daily, feel even less alone.

When we can say – “SAME” to what someone else has been through, we feel less alone, & community props us up. So thank you Ben, thank you Hayden…I can truly say to you “Same Here.”

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