Being Thankful For All You Do Have

You know the common line: “As bad as you think you may have it, someone always has it worse”? While this line is true, I’m calling a little BS on it being THE reason why we should feel better under any circumstance. 
Ok, your thumb is about to fall off, but bc someone else’s thumb AND forefinger are about to fall off, you got nothing to complain about. “It could be worse.” What??
So go w me on this. A friend of mine, recently divorced, called & texted me yesterday, to vent about how life sucks right now, their kids are acting out of control w school coming back, & they can’t take it any more. They are “done.” 
I took a deep breath, & I thought abt my own situation. I’m a single dude, no kids.  Is life just easier on me? But then I thought to all of the ways the current situation we are ALL living in, is impacting us ALL in our own unique ways. Consider the following:
Most every kid in the world right now is being “more difficult” than before bc of “new school format” angst. Most grandparents are depressed bc they cant see or hug their grandkids. Most singles are pissed that they can’t meet anyone in the care free way they used to be able to/& fewer ppl are out there willing to meet. Many couples are upset that they have to keep pushing their wedding date back. Couples that are trying to conceive are upset that fertility doctors aren’t seeing as many patients bc of rules & regulations.  These are but SOME of how everyone is impacted in their own ways, given their own situations.
So going back to the line above, no, we shouldn’t feel better bc someone has it worse. That’s hogwash. But we should feel better that we ALL go through challenges that can’t be measured, person-to-person. This difficult period is showing us just how much outside challenges impact us similarly, but uniquely. So no, happiness doesn’t come from saying others have it worse. It comes from realizing no one has it all…everyone is going thru something…& by being thankful for what we DO have. Perspective.

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