Arising From COVID: Experiencing Things For The First Time

Wanted to share some outdoor scenes from yesterday in NY, bc this first day in a while of nice weather, & ppl going out, reminded me of a personal experience I had, that I felt might be of help to others.

Rewind 3 yrs ago, & 30 days into trying this breathing practice I’d never done before, & trying to get myself out of the hell I was in, I remember waking up one morning,& describing what it was like to: 1) look at the TV for the first time in 2.5 yrs & actually want to turn it on, & 2) get a craving for scrambled eggs for breakfast. The analogy was – these simple every day things I used to take for granted, felt like each play in Game 7 of my favorite team’s playoff series (bc the breathing practices were actually waking up my dormant central nervous system). Such heightened emotions w every single moment & experience.

Yesterday, walking through Central Park…taking a pic w Oakley (albeit w a mask on;)) in the same spot we did when I first moved back to NYC, seeing ppl sitting out in “The Meadow” grass & taking in sun, smelling the buds of flowers on the trees & bushes, looking at the reflections on the lakes, getting a pic from my friend @getanet14’s daughter playing out in their driveway, it all felt once again, like Game 7 to me.

We’ve all been cooped up in houses & apts for months.  We are gonna come out of this slowly & we don’t know how long it’s gonna take or what setbacks as a society we may have.  But, if we can all take anything from this experience, it’s to be able to appreciate ALL these small things we typically take for granted.THAT is our path towards mindfulness, towards being IN the moment, towards greater clarity & contentment.  This experience has been, & continues to be – a challenge, but it’s been one that can propel us into greater appreciation…& that’s better for us all!

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