Another’s Success In Not The Absence Of Your Own Progress

I loved this quote the second I saw it…bc it touches on a topic I hear way too often from folks when they’re sharing some of the challenges they’re facing in life. I think this particular problem has exploded in an even greater way, bc of how social media exploits it. Want to dive into.


You ever see those time lapse charts that show the changes of companies in terms of market share, stock price, or viewership/customers, over decades? Basically they show little logos of diff companies in the same space, & over time, it shows – starting at 1 yr, & then over the next, say 20 or 30, how their positions relative to one another changed in terms of which was in each leadership “spot.”


There are examples from many industries: MySpace & Friendster leading the way before companies like Facebook & IG came in. Sports Illustrated & ESPN The Magazine, eventually being surpassed in the “standings” by the Barstool’s & Athletic’s.


Point being – things change. Landscapes change. Society changes. Tech changes. And, prob most importantly, opportunity changes.


So the moral, relative to this quote (thanks @breathecampaignsmithtown), which, based on the graduation cap at the top is clearly referring to even students comparing/competing, is that there’s always opportunity for YOU to succeed, if you focus on YOU. Even if you’re competitive to a fault, the examples above should show, situations over time, change.


Whether it’s grades, rankings, revenue, impact on others, etc…whatever the measure, root others on.


Back to the comment abt how this “issue” is amplified in SM space, it amazes me how often I hear things like: 1) they never “like” my posts, 2) they always make negative “comments” on my posts, 3) even though I’m supportive of them, & “share” their stuff, they never share mine.


We live in a strange world in 2019 where we’re just getting used to things being so “public.” Maybe this is utopian to believe it can happen, but can’t we just root each other on? Maybe someone else’s success will drive you more. You always have the ability to focus on you, & to work harder & smarter than anyone in your “space.” We can all succeed.

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