Adversity Give You Fuel To Accomplish Great Things

Been saving this one, looking for the right time to use it. I think w some of the current events we’ve witnessed lately, now’s an appropriate time to share. 
In chronological order, we first learned abt Paul George from the Clippers, & some of the MH battles he’s been facing. Despite his openness & bravery, we’ve had a number of folks publicly come out & 1) vilify his play in recent games where his team lost, attributing it all to what he’d opened up abt, & 2) say that guys like him in his professional situation, w $ & resources, “can’t get to a dark place.”
We then had Dak Prescott share abt his own battles – stemming from the loss of his mother at a young age, the suicide of his brother, & the isolation at a time when he could’ve used comfort being arnd friends/fam. In response, we had ppl like Skip Bayless & others in the media say that these revelations weren’t productive for “the CEO of a team” & that his teammates wouldn’t be able to look at him as the same type of strong leader. 
What do both of these figures have in common? They’re both still in the prime of their careers, on good teams, w much left to play. Their obstacles will fuel them. What ppl say abt them will fuel them. But I can tell you (as the slide says…as @theofleury14 preaches) what they will be able to accomplish on this earth, will be far bigger than just winning games, bc of the obstacles they’ve faced – it’ll be the lives they impact.
Which then brings us to last night, & the loss of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Obstacles? This woman, while on the Supreme Court, fought back 3x from major cancers, & used that perspective gained to represent our country ferociously. Doesn’t matter party affiliation. Doesn’t matter if I/we agree/disagree w her decisions or dissents – again as the slide says, she – let her pain be the fuel she burned to get the work she wanted accomplished, done on this earth.
We are ALL gonna face pain & hurt & obstacles. But we also can ALL use those very things to fuel us to greater & greater accomplishments.

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