9/6/21: You’re Never Alone In LONELINESS

Especially on a holiday wknd, I thought this was an impt msg to share. I often write what I’m feeling/sensing in the moment- in my own life, the life of those who share w me, etc. My hope is, these notes help those of you out there, whenever you feel something similar- now or down the road.

I shared a similar (but still diff) msg to this one before, abt a yr ago. It was abt how I was never one to have one, single, core group of friends that I was w all the time. Going back to HS…it may’ve been a mix of friends on the sports teams I played, the classes I was in, the band I played in, etc. Usually those groups were NOT the same ppl.

Then I got in the “real” world. Still had a group of friends from HS who remained in touch, same w college…started working in sports & living in other cities, so picked up some friends along the way. Have these SM accounts here where I get to talk to many of you…have folks reaching out all the time abt their struggles. All this, & yet, I can feel very alone at times. And why’s that?

Life can be very complicated. You can be surrounded by ppl…even friends…but they have their own lives…get busy…have differences of opinions from you…have other obligations.

In a practical sense, I’ll share my own experience – some friends have kids & have their own fams to attend to. Some are married & go on trips w their wives/husbands on wknds like this, just to explore. Some you may’ve had it out w on a particular discussion abt society at large, bc you’re both thinkers who have strongly held views (& let’s be honest, sadly- discussion topics are polarizing right now). Fam dynamics can be really hard bc of the diff views on those social topics.

I’ve even had married folks confide in me that they feel alone…not as connected to their spouse as once before.

If I can say anything comforting (partially for myself, partially for you), the irony is – you’re FAR from alone, in your loneliness. It’s why I think SM pages like these are so impt. Instead of viewing the connections “everyone else has,” that we don’t, in little boxes/timelines, you can be comforted here knowing, many are FEELING the SAME as you!

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