8/21/21: How Long You’ve Dropped, Show How High You’ll Rise

We spend a lot of time sharing the stories of heroes, showing folks who’ve overcome challenges, & talking about the modalities & exercises that have lifted them up.

Today felt like a good day to talk to those who are in the thick of it, going through some real difficult stretches, having a tough time seeing the light.

Just know this is preparing you: the depths to which you’ve gone down, represent the heights to which you’ll be able to climb.

Might sound a little cliche & utopian, but I can honestly say the strongest (& most generous) ppl I’ve met in this space, have a story where they were deep in it, for a long time.

So if you’re in it right now, we see you, we’re there for you if you need it, but your story isn’t over…it’s only just beginning & a beautiful future is ahead.

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