7/8/21: Don’t Trade Your Authenticity For Approval

Sometimes you just need a day where someone else’s quote hits the spot, & is what motivates you.

This quote couldn’t be more fitting for what happens on social media, driven by the SM companies themselves…& shows what gets “approval” from their filters, & en masse, from their users.

On these apps that give “approval” to outlandish individuality/unrealistic standards, bucketing, one-upsmanship, comparisons, victimization, magic bullet remedies & cures (see a pattern w this list?), we’ll never turn to those things, just to get “social approval.”

No matter how much they suppress & censor (for fear of it cutting into the profits of their advertisers playing on the above), the AUTHENTICITY that comes w sharing: the commonality of our battles, vulnerability, group strength, natural healing, putting many tools in our tool boxes, searching for our similarities (not doubling down on our differences), will be ideals we will never crimp on, just to get their “approval.” You have my/our word on that.

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