7/25/21: Help Others Even If They Can’t Help You

I’m guessing this is an image many have seen in some form, before – sharing your “umbrella” is a great metaphor for helping others.

This one was high on my mind recently, watching my friends at the Suns go on their run deep into the playoffs. Yes it stings going to the Finals & not winning it all, but it’s a run they’ll never forget. I know this from doing the same in 2012 w the Devils & losing to the Kings in the Stanley Cup. Still memories that’ll last a lifetime.

Here’s the but – when you’re going that far, & ppl are into sports & want to be in on the action/fun, some true colors come out.

That same colleague I shared I was talking w, abt their personal situation late the other night…we were discussing this same reality abt when ppl ask for help.

First, when you’re managing the “hot thing,” everyone & their cousin is coming to you for “access”…& it’s often ppl you haven’t heard from for months, even yrs. They’re there when the times are going good – bc they can ask if there’s something in it for them…& maybe there’ll be some small talk before, but then they go right for the ask.

They want “help” but they’ve been nowhere to be found, prior to the time you can now help them.

That same friend, when we were discussing the Suns employees & some of what they were recently facing, brought up to me the one time in their career when they were let go from a team. LinkedIn especially is a funny tool at that time.

They told me – when they were employed as a Sr Exec previously, everyone would take their call – but during the down months when they were let go & not in a position to help others w tickets/jobs/perks, there were only a handful of ppl who’d pick up the phone/return an email from them.

Is there a better measure of a man/woman than what we’d do for others even when they can’t help us back? There’s so much love that can be given & I bet…maybe not that person – but the world does pay you back for giving it.

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