7/13/21: Learning Not To Be Fine With Fine

The most common question in the world that gets asked in every language: “How are you”? Or “You ok”? gets the most common response: Fine (or OK, Alright, Eh, “Good.”)

And behind that most common response is a litany of “stuff” we often just don’t want to get into. What I love about this drawing is, it doesn’t FOCUS on disorder. It doesn’t lead w it either.

Behind Fine, MAY be disorder (like depression, listed), but also: Help, Sad, Angry Pain, Frustration, I’m Not Well – all things we’ve used to describes days, wks, months, even yrs, are on there. Bc that’s the reality of what we sadly cover-up so often, by not sharing beyond – Fine.

Figured this was the perfect piece to intro our newest #SameHere Influencer Alliance member (her full story is in the #SameHere Heroes Section), @kateeckman given her personal journey.

From her own words: “I grew up with the belief that other people’s opinions about me were paramount. When we think that we aren’t enough, we don’t feel safe & secure in the permanence of our loved ones’ feelings for us. If I could just be enough (beautiful, smart, educated), do enough (achieve, accomplish, perform), & have enough (money, notoriety, ‘success’), my life would be ‘perfect’ & complete. I would win the eternal love of my parents & everyone around me.”

How many ppl out there say “fine” even at a young age, & APPEAR like they are way better than fine, bc of all their accomplishments – but what emptiness are they making up for w all the “things” they may be going after?

Kate continues: “I felt safer when I became a star athlete, making my parents proud as I broke records as a competitive swimmer & earned an athletic scholarship to Penn State. And when I got into the top journalism school & became a writer & on television & then an international tv personality & model.”

And then, after chasing all that, two close friends who appeared to have it all, Kate lost to suicide, & her perspective of what would get her actually beyond fine, changed.

Come follow her story…she shares so much & even has a book out on her healing journey. Welcome, Kate to the team/family.

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