5/3/21: Mental Health Can Be An Empowering Topic

November 30, 2017 – just looked back in our posts, was the first time ever we asked: Do you think it’s possible that we could see the concept of a #SameHere Schools program in distrusts all over the country/world?

Schools where everyone from students to teachers, parents to administrators, aides to local store owners share that they too face challenges, and that doesn’t make them weak – it makes them human. And by sharing, they can better overcome those challenges.

Well the pics I recently received from @sayvillestrides and their school district lead, Jillian Makris, proved, that this is possible.

Look at these pics: kindergartners bravely showing their STRENGTH in showing their #SameHere challenges, openly, on those signs.

The focus of the challenges is NOT disorder. It’s not labels. It’s the “stuff” we all deal with. This, literally, is what #5in5 looks like, in action.

The timing of this share couldn’t have been better. With May being #MentalHealthAwarenssMonth, and the global focus being way too much on disorders & labels, Sayville here is instead showing a great answer to the question: #AreYouFineWithFine?

They’re not fine with it. They are sharing openly so that there is dialogue and that can help everyone work through their “stuff.” And when everyone shares, there’s no longer shame.

Join us. Mental health can be about empowerment, overcoming, and binding together – not an incessant focus on victimization and labels. We can all come together.

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