4/6/21: Effecting Major Change Requires Getting Comfortably Uncomfortable

@darrenrovell, @theofleury14, & I have been doing these pre-interviews on the podcast network’s different shows to tee up for the upcoming launch of our own show. 
In one of the last interviews, Darren was asked abt the format of our show, & off the top of his head, he said: “For this to be successful – we must have comfortably uncomfortable conversations in this space. It’s the only way we will bring about change.”
Darren puts out those types of tweets, daily. Theo puts out those types of msgs, daily.  I’d like to believe when I share here, I challenge the conventional way we as a society have been looking at MH, daily. So, we’re excited about this show. The first full episode will be out on Friday, April 16th on all podcast networks. This won’t be your typical – “share your story” show, in this space. It’ll be about current events, about people’s lives who’ve been lost, about what government isn’t doing, about what the media is actually doing wrong, about how certain celebrity msgs set the overall conversation backward, about PHARMA, even about how certain campaign messages – while well-meaning – confuse more than clarify.
It’s going to be comfortably uncomfortable & we NEED that kinda space, to bring about change. Hope you’ll join us for the ride. You can look up ‘We’re All A Little “Crazy’” on all podcast networks now, to get alerts for episodes.

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