4/1/21: Negative People Have Problems For Every Solution

Shared this one in Stories & it’s abt the most reacted to one I’ve shared in a while.  So…figured I’d do a post on it to dive a lil’ deeper.
Tho I much prefer writing/sharing my own quotes, this one’s credited to someone w a little more of a name, this guy Einstein 😂. He had some pretty good one-liners, huh?
Anyway, in full transparency (hopefully, by now you know I’m a pretty open book), I shared this a couple of days ago bc of feedback I received on this page, abt a reaction to a comment that someone shared on a post. Someone wrote that they’d been dealing w a tough time for 10+yrs. I responded acknowledging that, saying how sorry I was, & asking what they’d tried & if any of what they tried helped at all over that stretch.
Apparently, to one reader, that wasn’t the “right” way to answer to someone who wrote in. Publicly, they wrote that I didn’t validate this person’s struggle enuf, & by asking what they tried, I was questioning their effort.
Let me be clear…in this particular case, for those who know me by now on this page: I’ve had DM convos w more of you than I can count. I genuinely care abt you, & consider you teammates. You have helped ME along the way- whether by listening or by offering advice.
The last thing I’d ever mean, by asking someone what they’ve tried, is that they aren’t working hard. I genuinely want to know, so that as a peer who’s also struggled, I can offer the best advice I can, learning more abt the full pic.
This leads me to this quote. If u’re on IG or any channel, you likely have a page. Some of you on your page (regardless of # of followers), share/write bc you care abt others/want to help others. If you use your page to HELP others, bless you/thank you/u’re awesome. The last thing I’d ever do, is going on ur page, & publicly question your motives/strategies in HOW you’re choosing to help others.
There’s enough negativity in this world. Enough fakeness. Enough comparisons. Especially on social. If u’re using your platform (on or offline) to help others, keep doing you, keep going w your gut. Be open to recommendations – bc we all can improve, but be unapologetically you. Keep it positive!

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