3/9/21: Success Means You’ll Always Be A Villain To Someone

I don’t pretend to know much abt the particulars of British royal family. I was lucky enough to spend time in London shortly after the death of Princess Diana…to see up-close, how the fam was talked abt there. That’s it. 
So…I’m not one to have strong opinions on the character of any of the players involved, beyond what most ppl see/hear on TV.  Here’s what I do know, however – what I wrote in this quote: when you achieve success, there are always detractors…always ppl who try to take you down. You can’t possibly please everyone.
Could be jealousy. Could be vindictiveness. Could be that someone thinks you have it easy. Could even be that someone feels intuitive & has a sense you’re a bad person deep down.
Whatever the case…& whatever you feel abt Meghan, one thing I don’t think anyone has the right to do, is to say that: bc she is/was part of the royal fam, or part of the privilege that came w it, she can’t possibly feel what she described abt her MH.
Really? Family entanglements? Not being able to live up to internal expectations? Wondering if you can shine like the daughter in law who came before? Are these not things that can be crushing to anyone – let alone having it play out on a world stage, w every single decision & move critiqued? 
We have this false sense that celebrities aren’t ever affected. Have you seen what’s happened to Tiger Woods? To Britney Spears?  Check the next slide & see what the Blue Jacket’s captain, Nick Foligno said to Emily Kaplan in today’s ESPN piece abt whether being a millionaire means you don’t feel emotional pain. 
If you don’t like someone & you want to make them a villain for any of the reasons above…then pick apart their policy decisions…or have a debate whether the car they purchased is a bit gaudy.  Don’t question their statements about their health. Bc even if you don’t believe them, your PUBLIC comments are ones that prevent others you may actually believe, from ever stepping fwd to ask for help themselves.
No matter how much you dislike someone or defend one “side,” can we at least all agree that publicly questioning someone’s health claims isn’t productive?

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