3/7/21: Share Content You’re Passionate About, Not What Gets You

If we’re being completely real & vulnerable, I don’t think there’s anything wrong w posting things, w an attempt at “influencing” others.  Maybe that’s where the term that gets thrown around so often on social media came from – “influencer.” 
And while that title can come off snooty, the reality is you all, we all – everyone who posts on these channels, so long as we have even one person who follows us, it’s true that we may be influencing others.
And once again, isn’t that ok? We talk a lot about meaning & purpose & how important those things are.  Putting all the BS aside, even if it’s a small audience – why do we feel honored (& dare I say good) when someone asks us to speak on a panel they are hosting…or a podcast? It’s because it gives us purpose & reenforces our identify.
We each have gifts – we have gifts that were given to us that we were born w…& we have the gifts from the experiences we have picked up along our own individual paths in life. How many movies (Princess Bride comes to mind for me), do we see an older person imparting their wisdom on another person. It feels GOOD to be able to share…to be able to help…to be part of solutions or someone’s future success.
Not everyone has to agree w your take/stance/opinion/angle – but all those things, they are your individual gifts. And I can tell you from doing this for a few years now, it’s sooo much more fulfilling to put yourself out there where your MAIN goal is to share your passion & your experience. 
Think about this: in 5 years, this digital footprint you’re creating now, will it be more fulfilling to look back & read something that you’re proud of…that you formed a genuine opinion on, that someone told you changed their life, or their own perspective? Or more fulfilling that one post got 127 likes vs your avg of 40?  Chase & share what you’re passionate about, not what you think others would like. The reward of each post is that much more fulfilling & purposeful.

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