3/23/21: Those Who Appear Well Work Hard To Stay There

There’s yet another paradigm-shifting convo we need to have in the mental health space: what exactly it means to be “doing well.”
I think there is a misconception that when you’ve struggled in the past, & you’ve openly shared w ppl in your life, or even the public (as is the case w some of these public figures), once you’ve overcome a valley & are doing well, you’re now well for life, “cured,” & no longer have to work at it.
I’ve certainly felt this myself, even w members of my own family. I don’t think there’s any malicious intent; in fact quite the opposite. I think ppl in our lives or who are watching us, want to believe that we are now “better,” & no longer susceptible to dips where they see us in pain. 
I was catching up w a friend from the alliance the other day during some downtime, & by the pics & all other appearances I’d seen, they were really thriving. But…they told me they were still going through a rough patch & working their way back to a decent/more healthy spot.
Now to the shift in thinking: We don’t do ANYTHING like this w physical health. Yes, we compare MH & physical health all the time – but not often when it comes to our progress…usually only when it comes to what we’re struggling with.
Go w me here: if someone loses a ton of weight bc they’d been in an unhealthy spot for a while….or someone appears to glow more bc of a certain diet they’ve switched to, in order to deal w high cholesterol – we always ask: what are you doing that’s working so well? We ask in the present tense. We don’t say: congrats on losing that weight, awesome you’ve gotten there & are thin for life.
Getting & staying in a good health zone for anyone, any age, any type of challenge – physical &/or mental, is WORK. We gotta stop talking about the mental like it happened & it’s over. Mental health is health!

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