3/1/21: Launching The: We’re All A Little “Crazy” Podcast

Trauma underlies it all. It’s the thread that connects us. Whether it’s epigenetic, physical, emotional, spiritual, sexual, find me a person in this world who hasn’t experienced trauma in one, some, or many of the forms above. Can’t do it. It’s a #5in5 topic.
So, thank you to @emilymkaplan of @espn for being one of the first brave reporters to tell the TRUE story abt MH, through the eyes of @theofleury14 & others.  Emily – to her credit, reached out, wanted to know more. She’s an @nhl reporter for ESPN, & a damn good one. She needed to tell it thru the eyes of players/former players…& she did a tremendous job.
She didn’t focus (as 99.9% of these articles do), on Theo’s diagnosis of CPTSD…or his daily symptoms. She focused on his “stuff” he had lived thru. She focused on how his “stuff” is so similar to many millions out there…how that’s the common thread that ties us all together. She’s a rockstar for her honest reporting & if we had more national writers like her, this MH epidemic would start to see the numbers reverse in a BIG way.
So this led to Emily being nice enough to announce that Theo, @darrenrovell & I will be launching “We’re All A Little ‘Crazy’” as a weekly, hour-long, discussion-form podcast later this month. We’ll address MH in current events in an unguarded way – the way our society needs to address this topic.
Just like the way the media covered/didn’t cover, the Vincent Jackson story – leading to more conjecture. Just like how we react/don’t react when there are events like violence in this country/world…how we hide any ties to MH for fear it will paint an entire community one way – we MUST have long form convo to educate/discuss. Sweeping these things under the rug bc we fear the convo is not working!
Why the name of the podcast? We need to shake the trees on the “4in5.” We need them to become partners in this & all work on this topic, together. “Brain Health Hour” & similar names do not do it. We’ve seen this for yrs. We must meet folks where they are at, to make them partners in this 5in5 topic.
More to come…excited to go on this journey with you.  You’re all our teammates.

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