20,000 #SameHere Heroes

WE, all of us together, are getting there. Over 20,000 now: not followers, but HEROES, on fbook. We don’t refer to you all as followers but heroes. Whether you’ve told your story, commented on a story with encouraging words, or just raised your hand by being part of this page/community, thus saying #SameHere🤙, you are a Hero.
“#SameHere🤙” does not mean: I’m “mentally ill” too…it does not mean: I have “depression” too. What it means is: “I acknowledge I’ve faced challenges in my life too, and those challenges affect my mental health.” Challenges come from genetics, lived experiences, lifestyle, physical trauma, etc. It’s simple – it’s an inescapable part of the human experience – and more and more are now open to saying it – bc it’s just a plain reality of life.
7 months: 20k+ from scratch, and only growing. I’m not going to say thank you. I’m going to say congratulations instead, because: Celebs, Influencers, Advocates, Practitioners, Technology Providers, Story Sharers, Readers, you are all a part of this. This is your movement.
10k became 20k in what felt like overnight. We’ll keep doing our part to bring on more voices to the team. Please keep sharing and inviting other friends and neighbors of yours, to be Heroes as well. We WILL reach a societal tipping point.

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