2/4/2021: Sometimes The More Your Brain Works…The Less It Works

It’s possible you read that caption & questioned whether it was a mistake. Seems like a contradiction. Here’s the thing: depends on the context in which “works” is used.
Perhaps one of the hardest parts about falling into a MH decline, is that we can’t think our way of them. I’ve touched a little on this topic before, but want to dive even deeper. 
Think about each of us & the individual gifts we have. Some can write pages of beautiful music- as if it just “comes to you.” Some can dissect a topic & debate friends & fam & see diff sides & angles. Some can study for a test in record time & have a tremendous memory, able to absorb mounds of info.  Others can get underneath the hood of a car, “see” things in a way others can’t, & put together what engine parts & wiring needs to go where, almost instinctively.
These are our gifts. They make us special. But they also mean our brains can help us get to places in diff ways than others can.  And in the cases above, that can be very productive. But those great gifts (& ultimately strengths), can also be some of our biggest challenges, when we don’t know how to turn ’em off. 
A brain that can “go there” whatever the “there” is – see the notes on a page before they’re ever written, see the engine fit together before the parts are brought in, can also go “there” in unique ways that make us – dissect & question & obsess & wonder about so many other things, that aren’t the most productive. Our brains WORK…but do they work to the point where they can stop working?
What brain research has shown us is, MH declines absolutely DO impact executive functioning & cognitive abilities. So now consider this chicken/egg scenario: MH is a combo of genetics/lifestyle/lived experiences…those together impact cognitive function – all the while, our brains can “go there” wondering WHY we feel the way we do, & thinking about WHY we’re feeling this way & how we can feel better.
The flaw in the human condition here is – we can’t outthink how we feel. The more our brains work to try to figure “it” out, the less they can work (in terms of function).

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