2/20/20: Breakdowns Can Show How Strong Someone Was

I’m speaking of many of you I’ve gotten to know thru this platform when I share this thought. I’d like to believe it refers to my fight as well. But generally, folks may read this, & think I made a mistake.
The common misconception when it comes to breakdowns is: someone had a weakness in their system. Maybe they weren’t as resilient as “the avg person.” Maybe they couldn’t “tough it thru.”
Well I’m here to say: the hell w that way of thinking. It’s another on the long list of things our society, generally, misunderstands, that we must shift the paradigm on.
Breakdown is a weakness?? How many of you have used computers, where the processing power was so great, you opened up many browsers & many programs at the same time…& were amazed by how much that “system” was able to handle at once. Compared to your old computer, you were able to multitask way more efficiently – you went from PowerPoint to Word, to email to web browsing, almost seamlessly. 
Then…despite having the best/most expensive anti-virus, & tons of RAM, the computer started to malfunction every so often. At first it was the computer freezing…needing to restart. Then it was multiple web browsers popping up w/o you even initiating, & other browsers shutting down. Finally, it led to multiple blue screens & needing a major overhaul to get it functioning again.
We do this to ourselves! The STRONGEST & most RESILIENT ppl, are the very ones who break down most often. Why? Bc they can “open more browsers” & process more than most. They have big hearts & help others. They burn the midnight oil on deadlines. They make sure every I is dotted & every T is crossed. They show up to all their fam member’s events, despite how much is on their own plate. 
It’s time we stopped associating breakdown w weakness. And it’s not that breakdowns should be encouraged. It’s that those who DO breakdown, should understand why. And they should know the SAME attributes that made them so strong – may’ve taken them down…but they’re also the SAME attributes that WILL help them to work hard to heal, recover, & be even more resilient than before!

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