2/1/2021: Sometimes Even Adults Have To Just Play

Taking this snow-stormy day up in the northeast, where many/most schools & even businesses are closed, to remind everyone that we need days & breaks where we can just act like kids. And that advice ironically even goes for kids!
This is a pic from a number of months ago w my niece, Bailey Rose, on her little play mat. Unfortunately it is a bit old, bc due to social distancing, getting this close recently has been hard. But I still love doing stuff like this – it makes me feel “like a kid again.” I think deep down inside, we all have that little kid in us.
Why do so many of us love snow storms? Ok, yes, it can mean a day off from work & school…but it also means we can play. As a kid – for my friends, it meant going to “The Lot” & playing tackle snow football. At home my dad liked pulling us on a sled down the block. Or building a snowman from the snow we’d shoveled off our driveway & sidewalk. Mom would make hot chocolate.
Not sure what your dogs are like, but Oakley loves to run arnd in the snow, even tho it’s cold…it’s just different, & different can be fun. 
Couple of more things to dive even deeper however, that I hope is helpful: 1st – there CAN be a tendency on days of cancellation like this (whether it’s from snow or anything else in your part of the country/world) to take a deep breath &, wake a little later, but STILL go back to hard work to “catch up.” In your mind it’s usually – “more down time, I can ease into it w/o deadlines today, but let me roll up my sleeves & get to the computer.” TRY best you can to resist the temptation. Make the hot cocoa, put on the boots, make snow angels, throw a snowball at a tree. Our brains need the break!
2nd – if you don’t “feel” like that break will be enjoyable – I’ve been there – I often am there, Same Here. Just act as if. You’d be surprised how, over time, we get back that muscle “brain” memory. Sometimes it takes clearing the cobwebs. Today’s as good a day as any to start.
Hope everyone enjoys the day – or at least tries!

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