12/31/2020: Two Key Learnings We Will Take From 2020

This was a year many of us agree – we’d love to put behind us.  As a reflection, however, it may be a year that helps us live much more fulfilling lives moving forward.
It’s a year that reminded me so much of that stretch in my life, when mental health took its cumulative toll, & knocked me on my butt.  At the time, being in bed, dysfunctional, feeling like I was running a marathon each day, was the last place I wanted to be. In simple words, it was a living hell.
But after that EXPERIENCE – two things changed: 1) every new challenge felt (in a relative way) less difficult. It didn’t/doesn’t seem like anything could hold me back…& 2) the smallest things – like enjoying watching TV, being able to crave foods again, being able to feel the love of hugging a niece, felt like miracles I’d never take for granted again.
So think about how difficult this year has been, but how much it will do for us moving forward in living meaningful lives: 1) we survived great challenges – lock-ins, fears, onslaughts of media messages, sicknesses/loss of family &/or friends, having to recreate routines, managing job losses or furloughs, distanced learning, fearing if the next paycheck may be our last. 
2) We had to do without dinners w friends & family, large holiday gatherings, movies & shows, sporting events (the list is a mile long).
So, we’re gonna come out of this living even better lives. We’re gonna come out of it knowing we can survive very challenging life situations – to be able to keep on ticking. And we’re gonna come out of it w a resiliency as well as an appreciation for all the little things that were taken away – that will now feel incredible to “get back.” It’s not over yet… but there IS a lot to look forward to. Let’s go 2021!

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