11/25/2021 When You Put Your Opinions Out There People Will Either Love You or Hate You


I adapted this from a quote I came across while scrolling the other day. I thought it was clever, but missed the mark. Here was that quote (& I believe it’s a pretty widely used one):

“People will love you. 

People will hate you. 

And none of it will have anything to do w you.”

I guess the reason I believe this quote misses the mark is- 1) It leaves out WHAT ppl are basing their love or hate on. 2) That last line – I actually think their love or hate has a LOT to do w you. It doesn’t have to do w your actions or ideas or beliefs or the quality of person you are. But, it often has to do w how THEY view THEMSELVES relative to you. So in that sense, their feelings towards you are very much related to you. 

I felt it was impt to address this bc so many of you put yourselves out there on social in a genuine way. Maybe it’s the accounts I choose to follow…but I see just how many of you are willing to share vulnerably, & it inspires me.

Those shares run the gamut from your own lived experiences w divorce, job loss, breakups, burnout, abuse – to things like – just feeling blah, lacking energy & focus, not feeling like you measure up to others on here putting only their best lives on display.

Of the choices on this quote card – I absolutely love you for that. But here’s the reality – not everyone will & not everyone does. Some actually don’t like YOU bc of your openness w your opinions & experiences.

It’s a harsh reality of human nature but, a reality nonetheless. Ppl compare themselves to each other. If you have the strength, the courage, & self awareness to put your “stuff” out there…to even put your opinions out there – there are gonna be some who hate you – not bc of your opinions…but bc of so many other factors: jealously of your openness, a feeling/belief that they can’t be that vulnerable, frustration they can’t find clarity in their own opinions or feelings, anger that they can’t express themselves visually or verbally like you can. 

That’s why “like” #’s mean absolutely nothing. There are ppl who will stalk your page & avoid clicking “like” for the very reasons above. Keep doing you. Many of us love you for it!

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