11/20/2022 Practice patience that an idea doesn’t just happen – be ok no one knows yet what is “missing.” Cut yourself slack.

I shared this realization in Stories yesterday…but in examining why I go into the spins that I do, I’ve recognized this as one of my big patterns. Maybe you do too?

It’s amazing how we can take a positive, & turn it into a negative, w/o even actively thinking abt why/how.

They say that once you notice your behaviors & can observe them, instead of just engaging in them, it’s a sign you’re healing. I’d like to believe this is a sign for me – but it’s also evidence that we’re a constant work in progress & that healing’s an ongoing journey.

This is what this pattern shared on the post, looks like in my life: “Out of nowhere” an idea will cross my mind. Could happen sitting at my desk focusing on a diff work project…shooting a basketball…playing w my nieces…or even just taking a shower. Inspiration (often for me doesn’t have a specific rhyme or reason). 

So say it’s a new feature to add to the SameHere Scale app, or a new program to implement in schools to open up vulnerability. Those are concrete examples…but it could also just be an idea, like – here’s a better way we animate a concept on a PowerPoint slide to more clearly educate. 

So the idea or inspiration comes to me, & immediately I feel like I/we are MISSING OUT if we don’t have it in place – now. Bc I can visualize it, I can also visualize immediately – in the delivery of what we already have – this new idea is NOT there. 

Now keep in mind, it was not there yesterday. Others don’t know it’s “missing” at all. But to me, it feels like something that must get done immediately.

Btw, this doesn’t make the existing task list of to-do’s any shorter. So now there’s MORE to get done, w the pressure of these new ideas to put in place, fearing that what we’re delivering is inferior to what “it could be,” bc it’s not yet in place.

We had an event where like 10 pro athletes came…& yet bc one couldn’t make it (I’ll be honest, he declined), I became focused on what the event COULD have been w him there. But the event went great & no one “missed him.”

Practice patience that an idea doesn’t just happen – be ok no one knows yet what is “missing.” Cut yourself slack.

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