1/6/2021: Living Life For A Cause, Not For Applause

This is such an interesting one & it comes down to what our motivation is, for whatever project we take on. But, I do think these learnings apply to MH.
Working in pro sports I got a pretty quick intro to the concept that diff things drive diff ppl. It was a hyper-competitive industry, lots of former athletes, willing to do anything to be “top of the board” in sales, move up in their careers at all costs for new titles, & even once in those spots, do what they could to get their names on various awards.
I remember being hired by the Suns & when I got there & inherited a group sales staff of 12, the goal the Sr. execs placed on us, was to continue a sell-out streak even tho the team had a poor performance the previous season & lost many season ticket holders.
That felt motivating to me & so I gathered the staff, & shared the idea: “Let’s tell a great story, together.” The goal was simple: no one thought we could keep that sell-out streak alive. No one thought we could fill in for all those paid fans lost. Let’s work hard, together, & do it.
3yrs later when I left the Suns, my staff gave me a going away present: it was a plaque that read “Thank you for helping us tell a great story!” That gift is still one of my prized possessions. 
Lost in that story is that we won the award for largest increase in group tickets sold in the whole NBA. Why lost? Bc it was a byproduct OF what was more impt to us: telling a great story together.
So why bring this up on a MH page? Mark Madesen wrote the bestseller: The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck. In it he shared- we only have so many F’s to give. Choose wisely. I think that’s true when it comes to finding what fills our cup.
I don’t fault anyone chasing recognition & accolades. It’s nice to be noticed. But when we’re driven by those things primarily, we’re always chasing the “next highest one.” Are we ever satisfied? 
Meanwhile – when we chase the cause & the impact, achieving “goals” comes w a contentment that’s hard to replicate. And btw, we still may end up w the accolades in the end. Chasing the cause is where “it’s” at when it comes to contentment

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