1/15/21: Finding The Sunshine Amidst The Dark Storm Clouds

If you followed what I posted yesterday, (& the night before), it was all pretty crappy stuff.  Maybe I’m guilty of allowing news that’s often outside of my direct control, to weigh on me, but it does. 
The text/DMs from those of you who sent those 3 different, but all too similar stories, rocked me the night before. If you saw what I put up in Stories & at what times, I couldn’t fall asleep, & spent most of the night searching for the most common campaigns that shame ppl…to show examples of campaigns that we must move away from.
Then when I shared the articles yesterday, it was the busiest day I’ve had in some time, w DMs flowing…w many of you just repeating the same questions…the same ones I kept/keep wrestling w: Why? How? How do we stop this?
So that was the “storm” w “dark clouds,” yesterday.  And then, at about 4pm, some sun started to creep in. I recognize to many, that what I’m abt to share, in the grand scheme may seem very insignificant…maybe even juvenile…but to me they were those rays of sunshine I needed.
I got a package from one of you – w a custom doggie shirt for Oakley, saying “Official SameHere Mascot” (shared a pic in stories). My childhood team that’s been awful forever (The Jets), finally hired a coach our entire fan base is psyched abt. The Islanders won their first game of the season at 7pm.  Our boy Robin Lehnher then won his first game of season at 10pm.
Why bring these things up? If you look at the feelings Scale we’ve been using…if anyone asked me how I was doing yesterday at any point, I’d prob have picked: “Struggling.” And that’s bc of the horrible loss of those 3 moms & babies weighing on my mind/heart.
But…feelings are complex. Even tho we simplify based on the one MAJOR thing “going on,” in our lives & it shapes our “mood”…when we actually dive deeper, there are rays of light, even in the storms, that do shine thru.  Most days are NOT just “good or bad.”

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