03/21/2023 The Explosive Growth Of Healers And Healing Communities

Being in this space can be daunting. You look at the numbers…hear the news stories, & it feels like you’re taking a gut punch over & over. 

Dr. Rosa on our Board’s been a surrogate to the White House on the Opioid/Addiction crises for the last 3 admins & he confides in us all the time that you do all this work, & often (bc of factors outside of that group’s control) you see the numbers: overdose being the number one cause of death if you’re under 50 in this country…100k lost to suicide & overdose, & you wonder when this tsunami’s ever going to calm. 

We’re all in the thick of it rt now. This has been the perfect storm – the rise in tech since the early 2000s which gave rise to greater expectations & deadlines – unlimited emails, text messages, DMs. Greater access via social media to things like unrealistic comparisons to idealistic looks & ways of life…as well as the ability for hurt ppl to cyber bully others from behind screens. Unfiltered access to atrocities arnd the world where you can see the destruction in HD, as it happens, in the palm of your hand. Oh, btw, throw the angst of a pand$m!c where it feels like Armageddon, where ppl were out of work/school, off routines, & lacking purpose. Is there a wonder we have a crisis…& those are just SOME of the main factors throwing our CNS into overdrive. 

I want to thank my friend @wesgeer guitarist for Korn & Hed PE for the motivation for this post/these slides. Watch his video from yesterday. He explained it beautifully. While it feels daunting now: this period in our world has resulted in SO many learning resiliency tools to heal, & give back as teachers/healers/educators. 

My 17yr old “sports is life” self, would smack my current self in the face: “You get in front of rooms & teach Tibetan Sound Bowls, & Singing Meditation??” Never thought it’d happen. But the drug of helping others is greater than any on this planet – & for me greater than any sports team I’ve ever played/worked on.

And I’ve met SO many healers/educators. Parents who lost kids to suicide. Fellow advocates. WE’re a team, reshaping this world & preparing it for the future. There’s light – bc of you. 

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