02/16/2022 We Heal When We Feel Supported And Together

This is when SM can be spectacular.

Along this path of the last 4 yrs – returning from the ashes of a MH crash…to where I am/we are now, serendipity is the only word that comes to mind. The amount of things that’ve fallen into place as we’ve been building to bring ppl together is not to be believed. You pinch urself & say – there’s gotta be some bigger force at play.

When I share these stories in real time (& one day I’ll just share a full list of them), I get lines like: “there are no coincidences”…or “when ya put good out into the world w pure intentions, the world rewards ya back.” 

That would seem to be the case yet again for Allison, in this pic, the gentleman she partnered w to get the idea for “No Fan Left Behind” executed at the Super Bowl, & SameHere.

I wrote the post yesterday abt sitting next to a man wearing one of these shirts at the big game (check it out if you haven’t – yet another one IG decided to suppress – shown to just over 1k of 23k if you)…& the comment shared here in this pic, is the one I received DAY OF, from Allison, the fan who brought the cut out of her late husband, to the Chiefs/Bengals game, & was the inspiration behind: No Fan Left Behind. Chills- the post found her.

More serendipity/synchronicity? Allison is a MH professional. You can’t make this up.

Now, here’s the thing – call me a tin foil hat-wearing conspiracy theorist for all I point out abt what IG & these SM channels suppress – but, they just hid yesterday’s post. Why? Advertisers on these platforms make $ on you/us feeling alone. Feeling like we have little hope. Needing what they’re selling: product/service. 

Community cuts thru that msg. We heal when we feel supported & together. It goes totally against their algo, but it’s what works. And so as we’ve done for 4 yrs w the boots on the grnd programming for: K-12s, Colleges, Offices, Service Depts, Sports Teams/Leagues, we won’t rely on SM. We’ll help bring this: No Fan Left Behind to my/our contacts at the teams: executives & fans who can help us carry the msg to the masses w more fans. 

If you want to get involved in your city/team, DM me/us. We won’t stop.

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