01/19/2023 Your Body Feels Every Change Your Mind Has To Process

Our brains are impacted by so many things. I experienced this the hard way…but looking back am so appreciative of what learned.

Those who’ve followed know the story, but – after being explained how all these traumatic childhood events impacted my: body’s (full body including my brain) ability to function, & being told to read & learn so many things ya’ll have read & learned abt as well, like: The Body Keeps The Score, I was told to go to a wknd “Integrative Breathing” course. 

I was the only male. Only one under 40. Only one born in this country. It was me, 8 women, & 9 yoga mats. 

What I learned in that session was how BREATHING was going to help heal/return to a pre-trauma state, structures in my body. Where 52 combos of meds, TMS & ECT failed…breathing saved me. 

I became laser focused on finding inventors of practices that were mind/body related & focused on stress/trauma release & rewiring, & this led to the formation of a STARR Alliance & a SameHere Psych Alliance of integrative MH practitioners from arnd the world.

While that Alliance is amazing & providing patients w options to heal the brain/body by getting to the source of the events in their lives that’ve impacted them – what abt the other side of the coin? The body’s general functional health (challenging life events or not) & how those functions of the body impact how the brain feels/functions? Factors like: food sensitivities, nutrient imbalances, blood-sugar dysregulation, amino acid, & micronutrient deficiencies, Functional GI disturbances, Toxins, EMF overexposure & lack of sunlight, Hormone imbalances, Mitochondrial dysfunction, Methylation defects, epigenetics, etc. 

Bc of that, so excited to announce (slide➡️) the formation of the Functional Med “Doctors” Alliance. Led by Dr. Mike Gruttadauria, this Alliance will work together w the SameHere Psych Alliance, to form the first ever partnership btwn integrative MH practitioners & functional med doctors, to help patients get to the SOURCE – of all in the brain/body connection that ails them. We need to get away from the: one body system exists in a vacuum way of thinking. Mind & body are one!

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