01/17/2023 Busying Ourselves is often an Avoidance Technique

This is literally me rt now…& in struggling w it all, I wanted to openly share w you, hoping it’ll help you. 

I shared my situation w a friend the other day – he works as a lawyer for a financial firm – a way diff career than I’ve ever been in…but when I explained where my head’s at, his response was: “Dude you just described my brain.” So maybe this candor will resonate:

From the time I was 16yrs old, I’ve been doing internships in sports. From sweeping the floors for the USBL, to eventually overseeing revenue streams for NBA & NHL teams – the winter months have been my busy time. When the rest of the world begins to slow down: Xmas/Hanukkah, into New Years, & then these dog days of winter, as folks in the corporate world attempt to awake in Jan from that Dec hibernation, I’ve gone over 25yrs never experiencing that. 

In pro sports: that’s your go time. Ticket sales pick UP in Dec bc of the holidays. You’re trying to sell every last seat & sponsorship while ppl are thinking abt entertainment w their fams. Then the new year rolls arnd & you don’t have time to coast…you have to go out w your renewal packages for the next season – as your team is in the midst of a mid-season run.

But 3yrs ago, after leaving sports & getting into this space, I learned what the “rest of the world” is like in the Dec – Jan stretch. Mtgs grind to a halt. Folks don’t hop on the phone as quickly. Events aren’t planned as often. 

The result: you’re IN your own head a LOT more. Why? Whether we admit it or not, so many of us have workaholism. Our busyness is a coping mechanism to NOT have to deal w our stuff. 

Well when these down times happen…we turn to vices to tune out the noise…or, as I’m often guilty of, we get in our own heads & try to THINK our way out of the pain/discomfort we’re in from current/past “stuff” we’ve still not processed. If you’re doing that (like I’ve sadly done to myself the last few wks), you’re not only not alone – you’re in the MAJORITY.

Collectively we can’t save the world in one caption…but it’s in these times we gotta get out of our heads & into our BODIES w release practices.

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