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As a business leader, you have the opportunity to transform the social and emotional health and productivity of your organizations, from the top down. This is why we created #SameHere C-Suite. Through the consistent use of vulnerability, empathy, and exercise, you can ensure that your culture champions a safe and proactive mental health environment, where all employees feel comfortable asking for and receiving help, without repercussions. You can provide employees with the tools and skills necessary to handle any stressful or traumatic situation, and grow and learn from any challenges they may encounter. You can even show employees that facing challenges and overcoming them, can give them the experience and perspective they may need to become great leaders. Maybe you’re already doing much of the above. Maybe you want to learn more about these strategies. It doesn’t matter where you are starting from. Leaders living these ideals, together, is what will ultimately break down the walls we have seen in most industries for far too long. You can be part of the solution. We ask every leader who joins our Alliance to take a pledge to live the Three Pillars of #SameHere C-Suite, below. Following these three pillars will help your company ensure you have: a positive mental wellness culture, happier employees, fewer absences, a decrease in office conflicts, greater collaboration, and an increase in company productivity. This all starts with you, the leader! With our employees, we so often don’t know what is happening “beneath the surface,” that is taking a toll on their health, and taking a toll on your company’s bottom line.  However,  vulnerability coming  from the owner of the company or key stakeholder, makes it acceptable for others to open up and even proactively work on their mental wellness. With the #SameHere C-Suite Alliance, we are inviting you to join us, to change the way industries approach this vital topic.

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Three Pillars of the #SameHere C-Suite Alliance

1. Continuum: "#5in5"

First, we all must know about the “5 in 5.” Stress and trauma affect the brain and the body - for everybody. If we want full company wellness, we must focus beyond the "1 in 5” disorder we hear about so often. We provide you with a #SameHere C-Suite game plan. You will discover where you are on the #SameHere Scale. You will learn about the mind-body connection. By optimizing mental wellbeing you’ll be improving underlying medical conditions - yours and those of your most important assets, your employees.

2. Exercises: Not the exercise you’re thinking of!

You’ll learn how to build your mental health toolbox and building that toolbox will help improve EVERYTHING in your life, inside and outside of the office. You’ll learn to be active and engage in Mental Fitness. You’ll learn about STARR Exercises. It’s important you understand processes towards mental wellness for YOURSELF and then learn how to roll out a plan so that your organization can implement these processes to your team of employees. You’ll learn 3-5 vital exercises you can do for your mental wellness. Your managers will learn these exercises and they'll be able to teach them to all of your employees.

Openness: Vulnerability Activation

Now that you know the first two, it’s time for the most important part: How are you going to show your vulnerability? The only way to truly create a culture of openness and sharing is through your vulnerability. We will help you strike just the right balance between sharing vulnerability, and still maintaining a position of authority as the leader of the organization.

Mental Health in the Workplace

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The number of employees that miss work each day in the US because of stress.

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Amount annually that is lost to workplace stress in the US, from factors such as sick leave, long-term disability, and employee turnover and retraining.

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 Amount lost based on the disengagement of workers in office settings while ON the job, from factors such as anxiety, brain fog, exhaustion and burnout.

#SameHere C-Suite Directory

Stephen Jurgella

Founder and CEO of Fountain Forward

Matt Wolff

Founder and CEO of Ticket Machine

Evin Schwartz

CEO of Belouga Ventures, Inc.

Darin Hittle

CEO of Contract Land Staff

Jaime Blaustein

CEO of the Sylvia Brafman Mental Health Center

Marissa Limsiaco

Co-founder and President of Otso

Rachel Serwetz


Nicholas Lord

CEO of NOCAP Sports

Timothy Krass

Executive Vice President of Unity Lab

Seth Young


Chief Strategy Officer of Fifth Street Gaming


Jonathan Bierig


Co-founder of Ultimate Odds


Daniel Umfleet


Founder & CEO of Kindbridge


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