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Expert Profile - Gabe Roberts

Dr. Gabe Roberts, DC

Functional Medicine Chiropractor

Dr. Gabe Roberts’s Bio:

Dr. Gabe Roberts is the Co-Founder of Holographic Manipulation Therapy and is a specialist of psychosomatic illnesses including autoimmune conditions, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, digestive illnesses, neurological conditions, depression, and a host of mystery conditions that have at their root cause repressed emotions.  He has extensive experience working with patients from around the world helping them resolve their body’s health challenges by reconciling conflict in their unconscious minds.  

Dr. Roberts is a Holographic Manipulation Therapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, Self-Sabotage Coach, and Quantum Integration Practitioner, has a Doctorate in Metaphysics, a Doctorate in Chiropractic, and is Certified in Functional Medicine. 

What life events or challenges that you have experienced (could be minor, could be major) whether you have experienced them directly or via someone close to you, have had any type of impact on your desire to have a practice focus on patients with mental health challenges?

We have nearly a decade of Functional Medicine experience specializing in Psychosomatic Medicine, or the treatment of a wide range of physiological illnesses and mystery symptoms that have at their root cause, repressed emotions. It was baffling to my wife and me to observe that despite all these healthy changes we recommended for our patients, within a year’s time many of them were no healthier than they previously were.  

In researching and interviewing colleges, I found this to be the normal pattern in their clinical practice as well.  

This question lingered in our minds and then it dawned on me that they were all searching for answers outside of themselves. I began researching the psyche and the mental reasons for what unintentionally drove these patients to create their illnesses and states of disease.  This journey had me learn a tremendous amount about myself.  All the research was clear, that the focal point of all of this comes down to what happened to us in our childhood years. 

How did those events impact you emotionally/morally? How, if at all did those events impact the way you view how our current system teaches us to treat patients with mental health challenges?

In realizing it had to do with childhood trauma, I was quickly reminded of how horrific my own childhood upbringing was. So, I began studying myself, learning all I could about the unconscious mind, the structure of memories, and the importance of self-image. The more I learned about myself and my own traumas the more I understood where my patients were coming from when they unintentionally sabotaged their own results.  

When and why did you decide to actually focus on working with patients dealing with mental health issues, specifically, and how was your decision shaped by the experiences above?

Once I became aware that my self-image, which was formed by childhood trauma, was responsible for my own emotional challenges, including PTSD from my service in the Marines, I began to extensively work on myself using a variety of different techniques, learning and crafting them to where my emotional pain, I carried my whole life, was completely dissolved. I noticed areas in my life substantially improve after doing this and started implementing these changes in my patients. 

What methods or practices do you utilize to help individuals get/feel better? 

I use Holographic Manipulation Therapy.  

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