10/26/21: Your Voice Matters

Short one today…hoping the quote card says most of what needs to be said.

Wanted to give a shout out to so many of you who pour your souls into your content you share with the world. It might feel small compared to an account with tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of followers, but it’s not.

I limit the accounts I can see on here, to the positive ones that bring me joy & give me food for thought. Some of the BEST content I come across, that gets me hyped & passionate, comes from the more modest sized accounts.

Just wanted to throw a note out there that it’s not about what looks important or what symbol society has given someone to deem them important. It’s about what comes from within you – is real & raw, & moves people. Thanks to all who put thought-provoking, change-inducing, positive vibes onto these pages. You’re seen & felt deeply!

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