World Kindness Day

With today #WorldKindnessDay, a reminder that being kind can come from performing a simple gesture, & can even have a ripple effect.
Today (and any day) Instead of our usual: “How are you doing? Well! And you? Well!” guarded conversations, maybe make a conscious effort to open up a little more.
Maybe it’s not sharing your whole story on a social media channel. But, in our world here, two simple words “Same Here,” I’m facing some challenges too, can be all the kindness needed to show someone in your life, or at work, or anywhere, that they’re not alone in facing their own challenges. That kindness is then cumulative & encourages others to open up w one another & share the same.
Maybe it’s mechanical at first, but when we have these designated days, it’s a nice reminder that taking the time share something like “two simple words” can change someone’s life in a profound way, right Theo Fleury?

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