Why Leading Can Require Turning Our Back On The Crowd

Saw a quote similar to this one, at the right time yesterday. So…tweaked a few things on it, (specifically the way it originally spoke in totalities), & figured now, when it’s relevant to recent personal experiences I’ve had, is the best time to share.

In a proverbial sense, our “orchestras” consist of any one person, or group, we want to lead. Doesn’t have to be a large group. Could be your fam…could be a small group of friends…but yes, could many. 

Take something as simple as parents who want to “lead” their fam in having bonding time at dinner. The “crowd” comes from the kids saying – but all our friends’ fams eat in front of the TV, whenever they’re each hungry. Why do we have to sit together w/o our phones/tablets?

If you believe strongly in something (in this case fam bonding), you go away from the “crowd” – & the way that “everyone else” is doing it, despite it not being the popular opinion.

I use a simplified example bc in MH, to make change happen, we have to go against the crowd. If you check out “Stories” from last nt, I shared responses to a person who was upset I was talking abt “sports” on Linked-In, bc LI is supposed to be for “biz only.”

Mind you, the “sports talk” I shared revolved arnd Dak Prescott & Skip Bayless, & how in biz of sports (a microcosm of society), we treat ppl w physical injury very diff than those w mental injury.
The “crowd” in this case wanted me to stay in my lane. Sports/MH has no place on LI.

This has been the prevailing push back since I got in this space. “1 in 5 are impacted – saying 5 in 5 isn’t ‘fair’ to those impacted severely.”…”MH is NOT a trend.”…”Don’t bring up MH other than in a clinical sense.”…”This person has gone through ‘more’ than that person, they have it worse.”

This is the group think that’s held this space back for decades. This crowd mentality is WHY the stigma remains. I don’t share this to be some social cause hero. I share this to hopefully motivate you all to be your own orchestra leaders. To improve this space, we need many leaders, together, all turning their backs on the crowds who are resistant to change. Hope you’re in!

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