Why Empaths Are Experiencing Burnout In The Age Of COVID

I think I’m writing this as much for my own MH as I am for others to hear…but I feel the need to get this out. Hopefully it helps me heal/replenish, helps you feel less alone if you can relate, & together we can come up w some strategies for us & for others who feel similarly.

A wk ago I got the chance to leave NYC…rented a car, drove up to a 2nd cousin’s, & packed enough clothes for a month-long stay at their house, which has a decent amount of land. There’s a b-ball court to shoot on, my dog’s been loving the “never ending” grass to smell, & there’s even a pool to go swimming in. So why’s it I feel like shit, worse I’ve been since this Covid thing began, passing out btwn work mtgs & oversleeping at night, generally; disinterested in much of anything I’d consider in the past as “good/fun” to even daydream abt, let alone take part in?

I was beating myself up abt being in the right circumstances where I should feel good, & instead feeling the opposite. I’m doing all the self-care I’ve been taught/learned. What’s not adding up?

Then I took a break for a bit, & thought abt all that we as a world (especially in the US), are living thru. If you’re an empath, & you feel like crap, I’m here to tell you you’re far from alone.

Before the last wk, you were worried abt a world where hundreds of thousands were dying, many more were sick, & many many more were losing jobs, or at least furloughed & unable to make ends meet.

Then, if you’re connected to any device in this world, you witnessed the horrific Floyd murder. If you have even the slightest bit of emotions, watching that crushed you. To see a human being, essentially tortured, for 8+ min, even calling out for his mom (a man over 40!), how can that not tear you up?

Since then, you’ve watched so many go thru pain, most specifically in the US, but even arnd the world. And while the pain – directly – is going to be diff for each of us, depending on our backgrounds (some dealing w trauma wounds going back centuries in the fam), if you’re an empath & you care abt other ppl, much of what you see is gonna tear you apart.  Who can relate on any level?

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