When We Are There For One Another No Matter What

Seems like it was yesterday, but going all the way back to January, we sadly learned abt former NBA player, Delonte West, on the streets.

There was a lot that was messed up abt that situation – the way the media portrayed it as “the example” of what bipolar is, the way that some poked fun at a guy who’d fallen on hard times, etc.

Regardless of what anyone said/did, for those who followed the story closely, we know that Delonte was self-medicating. His fam told us so.  His episodes came from non-compliance, & as is all too often the case w loved ones, he was refusing help.

You wonder – when it’s the member of a community of folks who have lots of $ & are offering to help, why someone refuses that help. Unfortunately this is nothing new. We hear these stories all the time. 2 things typically happen to change that situation: 1) the person hits rock bottom, 2) they find someone – fam (or someone who loves them & treats them like fam) – who they trust & are willing to get the help from.

Mark Cuban can be a blow hard. He runs his mouth a lot. But, we have also seen him have a BIG heart.  What’s beautiful abt this particular story is – an Average Joe was in a gas station’s mini-mart in Dallas, saw Delonte walking arnd, got it on phone camera, & also captured Cuban coming TO the station, where he picked Delonte up. This was not a staged thing. Cuban didn’t deny it when asked, but he also didn’t ask for cameras/reporters to be there.

Delonte played for 4 diff teams in his 8ish yr NBA career. The last one he played for Cuban & the Mavs. Cuban’s a Billionaire who’s living the life. Delonte was at a pt where life was spinning out of control. Though not “fam” in the formal sense, Cuban treated West like fam, in picking him up & even offering to pay for rehab.

In pro sports we don’t see enough of this. Guys/gals have their careers, the team no longer needs their services, & they’re on their own. Maybe it’s justified by some bc they make large salaries & even have pensions. But when the cord is cut, it’s mostly final, & they’re out. Cuban is treating West like fam. We need more of THAT & not just in sports.

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