When We ALL Say #SameHere!

Please click on the video link in this post. During Mental Health Awareness Month, we promised some more engaging content. IMG Original Content group will be releasing way more “polished” videos than this iMovie, shortly…but sometimes, the rough stuff is what pulls on the heartstrings most.


Imagine a world where celebs don’t speak to or at people when they reveal their own stories, but instead, speak WITH them. We’re proud of the members of our Alliance, who down to their core are good people, & when they tell their stories, they tell them like they are “one of us,” facing similar challenges.


The members of The Global Mental Health Alliance, & the #SameHereMovement believe Mental Health lives on a spectrum & no matter who we are, what we do, or where we’re from, we all deal w life’s challenges & we’re all in this together. #SameHere!


Check out a four min #SameHere Movement video, showing many members of our Alliance, together with people from all over the world sharing their sign language sign: https://youtu.be/e4NfPzY_648


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