Weaving Culture Into Everything

With many of our #SameHere visits being on college campuses, it’s been fun to take pictures & share with you, the various ways in which these schools have threaded their team cultures throughout their buildings, communication vehicles, & overall programs.
The walls of the training facilities, coaches’ offices, recruitment centers all share similar tag lines, motivational quotes, & philosophies.
It’s one things for a university’s sports program to do that – it’s another thing for a major company, w thousands of employees, to do the same, & to weave that culture throughout all aspects of interaction w their staff & customers alike.
This weekend I’m in Nashville, visiting my buddy  Brian Bolten & his company Smile Direct Club. The pics you see here are ones I took at his office. All the messages shared here are woven throughout their building – from the boxes they send products to customers in, to literally the smiles on the doors of the men’s & women’s bathrooms.
When organizations provide aspirational & inspirational directions like that, & when the company leaders live those ideals…you can end up w a magical culture where the company & customers/members feel tied together & on similar missions. In the case of SDC, that mission is to inspire confidence through smiles. Sounds simple enough – but not easy to execute…& from product design to delivery, customer service to “after photos” w big grins, it’s incredible to see how this relatively young company has inspired a movement.
It’s for sure something our “Crazy” group takes note of when continuing to build our movement. Communicating a clear message: MH lives on a continuum…we ALL, #5in5 are affected…& we are ALL in this together – from celebs to influence to advocates to everyday heroes.  And…making sure everyone who “joins” whether by just reading, encouraging others or even sharing their own comments or stories, feels part of the same tribe: the #SameHere🤙 one.

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