University of Denver

Last night was University of Denver – a university with some incredible sports teams – recent national championships in hockey & lacrosse amongst other successful programs.
Anita Nall & Theo Fleury were amazing with the crowd, along with Denver’s one member of their counseling dept Annie Leibovitz.
Biggest takeaway – something I learned when I first shared my own story and stared to get bombarded with calls coming in of people looking to share what they’re going through: What ties us together is our challenges, NOT our disorders/diagnoses alone. That’s an important paradigm shift.
This line came from Theo (one I haven’t heard him deliver as poignantly as last night) – bc I think he too realizes how important this perspective shift in society is, to finally opening the conversation. He ended his story by saying: “Mental Health is not just disorder, it’s not just addiction. It’s sexual abuse, it’s the loss of your grandmother/grandfather/mother/father. It’s divorce, being bullied, losing a job. It’s what ALL of us have dealt with in this room. Every single one of us – at least one of these many things. And it’s why mental health is not a 1 in 5 issue. It affects 5 in 5 of us

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