True Character Is Revealed At Times Of Adversity

Find me a person in life who has EVERYTHING go their way. If you find them, you’re not seeing the full story, only the highlights. Unfortunately we all go thru disappointments.
Usually when I share that, & the #5in5 concept, I’m talking abt things like loss of loved ones, sicknesses, accidents – things life hands us as far as events that just “happen” & that we don’t have much say or influence in.
But there are other disappointments that affect our MH in a big way. Especially for those who are hard chargers, competitive, skilled, passionate (any/all the above), we’ve been used to “winning” as youngsters most of the time. Sure not everything – but typically at a young age, when you want it more than others & work harder than others, you have a good chance of success. 
Then as you get older, you’re exposed to way more. There’s a much larger pool to compete w. There are factors outside of your control that you have no say over. There are people who want “it” just as bad.
I wish I’d learned as a kid, how to act when things didn’t go my way…when I’d lose tournaments, or something as simple as a bogus foul call. I wasn’t the best sport, bc I was a competitive SOB. Part of that passion was awesome. But part of it made me lash out, yell at a ref, complain after a loss, incessantly. I was a kid. I didn’t know any better & I HATED losing.
But all that shit does is bring you down further. All it does is make you stay, stuck in your own “stuff.”
I was very impressed by the way @robinlehner40 handled the end of his playoff run last nt, the most impt of his career thus far. He thanked the fans for their support, didn’t point fingers, wished his opponents well in the next rnd.  That’s not only what leaders do…it’s what those who know how to move on in the healthiest way possible do, bc no matter how much it pains us, we can’t change what happened.
On the court/field/ice, just as in life, things aren’t gonna go our way. Sometimes we deserve some of the blame. Sometimes we could’ve done everything possible & other factors we didn’t control led to the “loss.” But how you handle that L says so much abt you as a person.

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