The Waiting Game May Be The Hardest Game Of All

I had to write this question down bc of an experience a friend is having, currently interviewing for a job. 
After her not hearing jack for a bit, & having been on the hiring side for years, I encouraged her to reach out again & follow-up w questions like: how many other candidates are there & is there anything I can do to help further promote my own candidacy?
With job interviews, you can drive yourself up a wall w all the “what if” questions.  What if I didn’t interview as well as I thought? If that person I spoke to liked me but HR or the main boss didn’t?  If they have an internal candidate they didn’t tell me about? If they had a bad earnings quarter & are no longer able to hire for the position.
In one simple word, the waiting game when it comes to interviewing for jobs, just plain – SUCKS.
But how many other big things in life, are we also waiting for answer on, that can make a huge impact on us:  Whether the partner we are dating wants to take it to the next level or even propose…Whether our friend or fam member needs to get that procedure done for their health to no longer be at serious risk…Whether that bid we put on that next house we were hoping to move into is accepted by the seller.
It’s amazing how many things in life we face where we are put through these periods of waiting for others on, to give us an answer – & most often the answer is completely out of our control. 
Yes there are so many different scenarios in life the require waiting, & yes each is so unique, but that period of angst while you wait & weigh all the what ifs, to me, feels WORSE than ending up not getting the answer you want.  At least when you don’t get what you want, there is closure. You can move on to the next thing & you can chalk what you just went through up to a learning experience, realizing that it wasn’t meant to be…& that there another path for you to go down. As long as it’s not life/death scenarios, I prefer getting an answer over the long & arduous waiting process that just eats away at you. How do you feel?

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