The Joy Of Experiencing Things For The “First” Time

Not sure if you’ve seen the viral video yet, but here’s the background.  Last month, two cousins, one boy & one girl, videoed hugging each other for the first time since the Corona lock-downs began. 

They each hadn’t touched another human in many months, & this was their first chance to embrace.  You can see the emotions of the girl cousin clearly here. The boy cousin shed just as many tears as you go on to watch the rest of the video. 

I’ve shared that the first sign I was coming out of my own 2.5 yrs hell, was when one morning – I had the slightest inkling to WANT to turn on the tv, to WANT scrambled eggs for breakfast.

Yesterday I saw a close friend from NYC, now living up in Massachusetts, & her two little beautiful girls – who weren’t even born the last time we’d seen each other. Miracles I no longer take for granted.

These seem like such mundane, “ordinary” things – desiring watching tv, cravings for a food, embracing a family member, seeing a friend’s children…but they’re not.  They are miracles of positivity.

We can’t escape the realities of our world right now. There’s a lot of divisiveness, a lot of heaviness – & this all leads to a lot of negative energy we can all feel, like a thick dark cloud.

The hope is, this video serves as just one small example, of the millions of possible examples, of light, positivity, appreciation, & perspective shifts, that can help lift at least some of the thick cloud of negative energy that’s been sitting on top of our world.  With all we’re facing, & all we have missed out on, appreciating what we took for granted before, can be such a powerful shift.

Embrace the “small” stuff…stuff that at the end of the day is anything but “small.”

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