The Difference Between Talking To Yourself And Listening To Yourself

Was talking w my buddy from the Yankees this wknd, as I’d love for him to come on a sports biz podcast we do, & talk about the routine he follows. He’s one of the most regimented ppl I know. It’s no wonder he’s held a spot in a high pressure situation as long as he has, & been looked at as a leader throughout.

I told him how much I respect that – through this tough stretch of the world feeling upside down, he’s found a way to build a new daily routine & remain super productive – not solely for his job, but for his own health & the health of his family.

He usually has a long commute into the Bronx each day, & w/o it, he’s been able to spend more time running & staying active. He said one of the things he’s really ramped up is listening to podcasts of motivational speakers. He shared the list w me, verbally (not speakers w fluff…real msgs). Some I knew of, some I’ve never heard of.  But what he said was, he tries to find something in their WORDS more than their tone or hype, that he can glean as lessons to change his perspective & live a better life as a result.

That’s where this line came from: “Talk to yourself, don’t just listen to yourself.”

At first glance you read or listen to it & say, “really,” as those words sound similar. But they’re “really” very different.

We have an inner monologue. Our inner monologue talks TO us, & tells us things: I’m tired. Bed seems good right now. The world feels awful & in a bad place. We’re never getting out of this.

Be WE can TALK to ourselves & replace the words our mind tries to feed us when we don’t make the effort: Get up out of bed. That run will be good for you. You’ll feel great after. I’ll come out of this stronger.

May seem simple, but it’s hard to do. It’s the ONLY way I healed. When I was listening & not talking, I DID stay in bed, thinking constant rest was the only path towards healing. Instead I learned healing takes ACTIVE practicing. Hoping this helps: tell your mind what it needs…don’t just listen!

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