The Dangers Of Painting With Too Broad a Brush

Working in sports afforded me the oppty to move all over the country for diff jobs. I say “opportunity” bc they were still tough choices to make every time I had to decide whether or not to take them.

I grew up in NY, went to college in upstate NY, then landed w my first job at the NBA in NY. I spent 5yrs there, & at the time, didn’t think I’d ever leave.

My fam was ALL still in NY. Only 3 total friends from home/college/early work life had moved OUT of NY. So few, I’d certainly be an outlier if I left.

Then opptys to grow my career started to arise, & w those came MANY nights of struggle as to whether to take the jobs. Whether to move from what I knew. Impt to note – each time a new job was a possibility – I had to choose btwn 2 possible outcomes: 1) to take it, or 2) not to take it. Would be nice if it was that simple, right?

W/in choosing, I’d consider these factors: closer/further from fam/friends, diff neighborhood vs same, making new friends, atmosphere in the new office, upward mobility from this new job vs existing job, cost of living change, etc (these were just SOME factors). W/ SO many factors, I had to make a decision on the ONE, most impt. to me. Say, at the time, it was upward career mobility – that did NOT mean leaving meant I didn’t love/would miss fam…thar higher cost of living didn’t suck…or making new friends wasn’t exhausting.

Here’s my pt – even w results coming in, in this election, I’m seeing a ton of posts (w our country split nearly 50/50), that ppl CAN’T believe 50% voted FOR (this list of things they’re against).

I’m sorry but there were 2 main choices here. Just like w my career decisions, ANY decision is a collection of hundreds of factors. If a candidate someone supported stood FOR something that’d GREATLY impact their life: eg, one candidate’s policy meant they keep their biz/not…keep being able to employ their staff/not…keep their healthcare/not, NO ONE should be painting others’ decisions w a broad brush that THEY stood for ALL a particular candidate stood for. Not real life. Not logical. Not fair. Let’s stop w the totalities.

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